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Drypers Skinature Size Large (9 – 14 kgs)

Drypers Skinature Size Large Nappies fits perfectly for babies between 9 – 14 kgs.

Available in single packs of 38 nappies or bulk boxes of 152 nappies (4 packs of 38).

Drypers Skinature is part of our premium baby nappy range.

R190.00R760.00 incl. VAT

R190.00 incl. VAT
R760.00 incl. VAT
Drypers Skinature Size Large 9 – 14 kgs
  • Speedy Absorption Speedy dryness
  • Dual Double Leak Guards
  • Wetness Indicator turns from yellow to green
  • 6X More Stretchable waist material, customizes in your baby’s size, so your baby can develop freely
  • Premium Softness inside-out, gentle to baby’s delicate skin
  • 100% Airspace allows baby’s skin to breath
  • Free from chlorine, fragrance & EU26 allergens for the delicate baby skin

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