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Being a parent is an experience unlike any other. To have a baby, watch them grow, learn and discover the world around them is almost too impossible to describe. But this adventure also comes with a lot of responsibility as a parent. For one, only use quality products that you can trust, thus, allowing your baby to thrive and develop optimally.

To help you on this journey of parenthood, Drypers has just launched not one, but two new premium nappy ranges in South Africa and we’re so excited to share these new ranges with you.

Introducing Drypers Touch and Skinature by Drypers!

Both ranges have been thoughtfully designed with unique features to protect your baby’s delicate skin, ensuring a luxuriously soft and comfortable fit. Let’s see how they compare;

Drypers Touch vs Skinature by Drypers

The Absorbency

These premium range nappies both offer ultra-absorbent core technology that instantly distributes and absorbs liquid, keeping baby’s skin dry to touch for up to 12 hours, all while helping to protect your baby’s bottom from rashes, chafing and skin irritations.

The Wetness Indicator

The Skinature by Drypers range comes with a wetness indicator that turns yellow to green, letting you know it’s time to change their nappy.

The Design

Both nappy ranges have a special cut-out for the umbilical cord, in the newborn sizes, so you won’t have to worry about that sensitive area being irritated, especially in those early days. The designed leak guards in the leg area also help to prevent any leakage. Fewer leaks = less washing.

The Comfort & Fit

Baby’s sensitive skin needs that extra softness. That’s why the top layer as well as all the materials that make up the nappy are ultra comfy, ensuring your little one is content at all times. The waistbands are six times more stretchable, perfectly moulding around your baby’s body, and won’t leave any nasty marks.

Breathable Material

The Drypers Touch range has a super soft embossed breathable top layer that absorbs runny poo in seconds and locks it away.

The Skinature by Drypers range on the other hand is designed with a 3D embossed top sheet with deeper air pockets. Creating more space between the nappy and your baby’s skin. Both unique designs allow for more airflow and ultimate breathability.


Drypers truly cares about your baby’s sensitive skin as much as you do! You can be certain that these nappies are hypoallergenic and totally free of any chlorine or fragrance. The entire nappy is completely safe to use on your baby’s delicate skin.

Where To Buy The New Drypers Nappy Ranges

There are many ways in which you can get your hands on a pack of Drypers Touch or Skinature by Drypers nappies. The easiest is to visit the Drypers Online Shop now and get your nappies delivered straight to your door, anywhere in South Africa!

Tell Us What You Think

Have you tried the new premium range yet? We would love to know what your thoughts are. Comment below and share your Drypers Touch review or Skinature Drypers review with us.

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