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Certainty Unisex Adult Pull Ups Size Medium (70 – 110 cms)

Certainty Unisex Adult Pull Ups Size Medium fits waist 73 – 113 cms

Single Pack: 10 Pull Ups per pack

Bulk Box: 100 Pull Ups (10 packs x 10 Pull Ups)

R85.00R850.00 incl. VAT

R85.00 incl. VAT
R850.00 incl. VAT

Why Choose Certainty Premium Adult Pull Up Pants:

  1. Designed to fit like underwear, these pull-ups are comfortably slim and breathable.
  2. Stretch Fit waistband allows the pants to be easily pull up and down even with minimal strength.
  3. Easy to insert and remove foot without getting caught.
  4. Double absorbent pads that quickly absorbs to leave skin fresh & dry.
  5. Double leak guards to prevent side leakage.
  6. Absorbs light to moderate leakages for comfortable security.
  7. Indicator to show when full and changing is required.
  8. Suitable for adults who can walk and use the toilet independently as those who walk with a walking aid and may not always be able to reach the toilet on time.

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