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Drypers Drypants Size Large (9 – 14 kgs) – Packs

Drypers Drypants size Large (9-14kg)

8’s, 20’s and 36’s.

R155.00 incl. VAT

R155.00 incl. VAT

4 Added Benefits of the Drypers Drypants

New LayDownFit –   Comfortably protects against front and back leakages with an incredibly soft,

                                           long absorbent core and fitting waist band.

Cotton-soft waistband Long absorbent core, Less elastics usage for assured softness and comfort.

                                                  Exceptionally gentle on young baby’s skin.

Crawlfit – Fittingly hugs around baby’s body contour, aids movements and protects against leakages.

Double Leakguards –  Reinforced protection with good hold around the thighs and bottom to ensure excellent

                                              fitting during active movements.


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