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Certainty Unisex Adult Nappies Size XLarge (127 – 165 cms)

Certainty Unisex Adult Nappies Size Xlarge fits waist 127 – 165 cms

Single Pack: 10 Nappies per pack

Bulk Box: 100 Nappies (10 packs x 10 nappies)

R80.00R800.00 incl. VAT

R80.00 incl. VAT
R800.00 incl. VAT

Why Choose Certainty Premium Adult Diapers:

  1. Rapidly absorbs moderate to heavy amounts of urine, keeping your skin drier for longer.
  2. Soft-touch layers for long-wearing comfort.
  3. Refastenable tapes allow adjusting for good body fit.
  4. Gently hug thighs to provide maximum protection against side leakage.
  5. Wetness indicators that change colour when soiled.
  6. Suitable for adults limited to bed rest.

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