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New moms! By now you should know that a fed baby is a happy baby, and what goes in must come out. You might have found yourself examining your baby’s nappy as if it holds the answers to the universe, and maybe it does…

Believe it or not, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the contents of your baby’s nappy, as their poop colour can actually provide you with important clues as to what’s happening in their little body.

First up you should know that your baby’s poop colour and texture will change from time to time. Depending on whether your baby is breastfed, bottle-fed, or solids are maybe being introduced, these variables should all be considered. So no need to go into full-on panic mode, we’re going to give you the scoop on what’s normal and when you should pay attention.

Let’s have a look at different baby poop colours and what they mean.

The New Mom’s Guide To Baby Poop

why is baby's poop black

Black Baby Poo

Chill It’s Normal >> First Few Days

Black is a healthy colour for newborn babies younger than a week old. This thick sticky tar-like substance is called meconium. This shows that the bowels are working well, which is a good sign. Any meconium after the first week could be a problem, so go and see your doctor if this continues.

why is baby's poop white

White Baby Poo

Don’t Panic, But Do Consult A Doctor

This is uncommon and not a healthy poop colour. Have your doctor check it out, as it could be an indication of problems with their liver.

why is baby's poop red

Red Baby Poo

Don’t Panic, But Do Consult A Doctor (If you ruled out food colour)

As frightening as this could be, you need to keep calm and think about this sensibly. There are a few reasons why there might be red blood in your baby’s poop. This could be from milk allergies, an anal fissure, constipation, or if your nipples are cracked or bleeding. Beetroot could be another possible culprit if you’ve just started on solids.

why is baby's poop brown

Brown Baby Poo

Chill It’s Normal

This is normal, as your baby gets older their poop will change as well. With the introduction of various foods, their poop will be more “grown-up.”

why is baby's poop mustard

Mustard Yellow Baby Poo

Chill It’s Normal

Absolutely normal in breastfed babies, this poop tends to be a bit runny and might contain “seeds”, but don’t stress this is normal and healthy.

why is baby's poop dark yellow

Darker Yellow Baby Poo

Chill It’s Normal

Formula-fed babies tend to have a darker poop and the consistency is a bit firmer, more like peanut butter. So keep calm and carry on!

why is baby's poop bright green

Bright Green Baby Poo

Chill It’s Normal

This happens occasionally when your baby switches breasts too quickly and only gets the foremilk. Nurse baby until the breast is drained before switching, this ensures that baby is satiated.

why is baby's poop dark green

Dark Green Baby Poo

Chill It’s Normal

Sometimes babies who are formula-fed tend to have dark green poop because of the iron in the formula. This is also common in babies who are starting solid foods that are green in colours, such as spinach and peas. It’s all good!

why is baby's poop dark Green/Brown

Green/Brown Baby Poo

Chill It’s Normal

Again this is also normal as you introduce solid foods to your baby’s diet.

why is baby's poop orange

Orange Baby Poo

Chill It’s Normal

Orange poop is normal, especially if there are no other symptoms. It is a sign that your baby’s digestive system is doing what it should, and the various colours of solid food that your baby might be taking in. Again nothing to lose your head about.

Remember, You Know Your Baby Best

While we covered most of the colours of poop that your baby might offer you, you must know that all babies are different and you know your baby best, so if ever in doubt please go and see your doctor immediately.

Don’t Panic And Smell The Fresh Air

If you found this guide handy or have anything to add, we would love to hear from all you new and experienced parents.  Share your funny or scary story about your little one’s poop changing colour in the comments below. Who knows other parents might learn from it and you could help put a fellow parent at ease!

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