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Potty training is an enormous milestone for everyone. Parents get to celebrate the end of nappy changes, and little kids get to take a giant leap out of babyhood and into the new world of being a big kid. To assist you on this quest, we’ve created a list of the top 10 storybooks to spark and encourage some excitement in your little one, and explain a few crucial parts to this process. Your kiddo will be well on their way to becoming a total whiz at going to the toilet!

Why is it important to read potty training storybooks to your toddler?

Reading books all about potty training will help your toddler enormously in knowing what is expected from them. At this stage, they learn visually and the storybooks allow them to see and understand, first of all, what potty training is as well as how fun it can actually be. Not only are they learning, but storybooks in general, are a great way for you and your little one to bond and build everlasting memories.

If you’re ready to start introducing your child to potty training and show them how fun it can be, then these 10 helpful potty training storybooks for toddlers will achieve just that.

** Forewarning – Our list contains a lot of talk about poop and potties, so be prepared!**

Top Recommended Potty Training Books

1. Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

The idea of going to the toilet is made real through this beautifully illustrated story, that will keep your little one engaged and captivated. A perfect introduction to the potty training process, this is your go-to picture book on all things poop-related!

2. Potty Power! by Eunice Moyle & Sabrina Moyle

This book will have you and your kiddo in stitches! From that first rumble in the bumble to that moment of triumph when the potty is full of number one or two, “Potty Power!” covers all those essential potty-training moments.

3. The Potty Train by David Hochman & Ruth Kennison

“Chugga Chugga Poo Poo!” A clever and fun read-aloud for your toddler and maybe even for you. Get ready to say goodbye to nappies and take the journey to Underpants Station? Chug away on the Potty Train! If your kid loves all things trains, then this is definitely the book to get.

4. Let’s Go to the Potty! by Allison Jandu

An engaging, story-driven guide to prepare your toddler to break free of the nappy. With fun pictures, “Let’s Go to the Potty!” gives your toddler visual clues as to what has to happen. Bonus! It includes a short, rhyming potty song that teaches them to how to communicate their needs.

5. Even Firefighters Go to the Potty by Wendy Wax & Naomi Wax

This is a hilarious gate-fold story, which shows that each person, from a firefighter on the way to answer a fire alarm to a zookeeper on the way to feed the polar bears needs to stop what they are doing to go to the potty. Ideal for those energetic little toddlers who are sometimes just too busy, to stop and go.

6. The Dinosaur Potty Training Book by Ezra Monson

The Dinosaur Potty Training Book features a cute little dinosaur called Dino who is going through this very familiar process every child goes through. It gently explains what to do when nature calls and reminds parents of the need to be quietly patient throughout the whole training process. Free colouring pages are included!

7. Potty Time with Elmo

This sound book is the ideal way to introduce your toddler to the potty. The hands-on interaction will engage and encourage your little one to want to use the potty. The interactive buttons include Elmo’s encouraging words, flushing sounds, washing sounds, and lots more!

8. Where’s the Poop? by Julie Markes

Engaging, sweet and fun, this lift-the-flap book shows children that all creatures have a place to poop, tigers in the jungle, kangaroos in the outback, and monkeys in the rain forest. With the help of this whimsical storybook, your toddler will see that they too have a place to poop.

9. Nappy Duck and Potty Piggy by Bernette Ford

An adorable story that follows the friendship of Nappy Duck and Potty Piggy. Duck realises that nappies aren’t that great and wants to be a grown-up like his friend Piggy and learn to use the potty. A brilliant book to introduce potty training to your toddler in a fun and relatable way.

10. I’m the Potty Master! by Liz Fletcher

Super elephant, Louie, is always ready for an adventure, but he gets tired of his nappy weighing him down. Follow Louie on his journey, as he decides that it’s time to become the “Potty Master” and get rid of nappies for good. A heartwarming storybook, with remarkable illustrations, that will inspire bravery, courage and greatness in your child.

Good Luck With Your Potty Training Journey

We hope that our list of storybooks will help motivate and encourage your toddler on their potty training journey. But, as with most things in life, you should know that potty training won’t always be simple and sometimes you will need to play it safe. In those instances try Drypers Drypantz Pull-Ups, not only do they allow your busy bee to move around freely, but will assist in preparing them for big kid underwear.

What’s Your Toddlers Favorite Potty Book? We want to know!

Does your toddler have a favourite potty training storybook? Is it on our list? let us know and how it helped motivate them to overcome potty training obstacles.  Tell us in the comments below!

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