10 Cues Your Toddler Is Ready To Start Potty Training

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Are you ready and excited to start potty training your toddler? This is a huge milestone that parents can look forward to. You may be wondering when to start potty training? Keep in mind though that every child develops at a different pace. So it’s good to wait until your little one shows you signs that they are ready to potty train.

Being aware of their readiness can help make this a positive experience for both you and your potty training toddler.

These are the signs and cues you can look out for to see if your toddler is ready to potty train.

Watch Out For These Potty Training Readiness Signs

1. Your child can walk:

If your child can already walk that is a great sign because it means that they already have some level of independence.

2. Ability to sit still:

Your child should be able to sit still for a few minutes at a time. You can’t expect a 1-year-old to sit still for hours, but if they can sit and concentrate for just a few minutes that’s really good.

3. Level of understanding:

Being able to understand some instructions is really important. Your child doesn’t have to be fully talking yet, but if they understand what is being shown or said, that goes a long way in helping this process.

4. Dirty /wet nappies are a problem:

Children can become a bit irritable when they are in dirty nappies. They might start to show signs that they need to be changed. If your child seems uncomfortable in a dirty nappy, chances are that they are aware of it.

5. Hiding to poop:

Sometimes you might find that your child will hide so that they can go pee or poop. This means that they have an understanding of what they are doing, and are learning that this needs to be done privately.

6. Ability to remain dry:

If you notice that your child can remain dry for longer periods of time that is a really good sign. It means that they have a good grip on their bowels.

7. Having a dry nappy after nap time:

If your little one can go through nap times without getting wet they are most definitely telling you that they are ready to potty train.

8. Communicate their need to go:

Some children can use signals or a particular sound to tell you that they either need to go to the toilet or that they have just done something that needs changing.

9. Showing interest:

It’s also quite possible that your child will become very interested in what you are doing every time you go and sit on the toilet. You might find that they begin to follow you to the toilet or maybe even take an interest in the fact that you are not wearing a nappy.

10. Able to pull their pants/nappy down on their own:

If you notice that your child keeps pulling their pants and nappies down or off, they could be ready for the next big step of going on the toilet. This can be one of the biggest battles when it comes to potty training a child. but if they’re already doing it on their own, that’s great and one less thing you have to worry about.

Are YOU Ready?

The potty training journey is something you and your child will be taking on together, so it’s important to make sure you’re ready to start when your child is. To help you on this journey Drypers Drypantz Pull Ups range allows your little one to progress naturally into their next stage. Remember potty training is not meant to be a stressful experience. Your big kid will be potty trained when the time is right!

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