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One of the first skills new parents have to learn and learn fast is how to change a baby’s nappy. Nappy changes happen all day, every day, and very often at the most inconvenient times. Any veteran mom will tell you the goal when changing a nappy, especially when changing a boy, is NOT to get peed on. The second that nappy opens, they are triggered to pee.

You are not alone. Most moms of boys have been peed on before

You will be surprised to know that many first-time moms to boys get peed on more than once. Could it be a rite of passage into motherhood? Most likely, yes. But we want to help prepare first-time moms and introduce you to this amazing yet daunting world of babies and nappies and things that smell really bad.

So if you are a first-time mom or an expecting mom, allow us to give you a briefing into what awaits you.

Cue Mission Impossible theme song….

New Mission: “Pee Free” Possible

New recruit! This is your first assignment mission, how to change a boy’s nappy without getting peed on. Should you accept, it will change your life forever. If not, then maybe just until he starts potty training. 

How to prepare for the Assignment

To execute this assignment successfully, you will need to be prepared. Here’s what you’ll need, and be sure to keep these close on hand;

  • A changing pad or mat – baby will need to be comfy, and you want to keep him happy.
  • A small towel – we’ll get to that shortly.
  • A clean nappy – a good idea is to keep a few extra nearby, just in case.
  • Wet wipes or washcloth – this is to ensure his bum is absolutely clean
  • A change of clothes – another just in case, for possible leakage
  • Bum cream – to keep his bum soft and protected

How to Execute

I must warn you there is an operational skill required to execute this part of the mission successfully. Is this challenging? Yes. But with practice, and you will certainly get enough practice, you will be able to do this. There might be resistance, there might be grappling, and there might be crying.

Remember, the goal here is to stay dry, so go in fast and leave fast.

Here’s how to execute;

  1. Loosen the tabs of the dirty nappy, but don’t take it away yet.
  2. As you remove the dirty nappy, take the small towel and cover his pee-pee with it.
  3. This will prevent that dreaded fountain from getting out of control.
  4. Proceed to operation clean-up stage swiftly

Operation Clean Up

  1. If he pooped, use the front part of the nappy to wipe the worst off his bum; remember to keep his pee-pee covered.
  2. Then lift his bum up by gently grasping both ankles with one hand and lift him up.
  3. Quickly tuck the front of the dirty nappy under his bum with the clean side facing up.
  4. Next, clean his genitals and bum with a wet wipe or washcloth.
  5. Make sure to clean out all the creases.
  6. Now take the new nappy, unfold and slide it under him; remember, at this point, he should still be covered!
  7. Before closing up, and this part is vital, make sure that his pee-pee is pointing down. If not, he will end up peeing over the top of the nappy.
  8. As you position it downwards, remove the towel and immediately cover it with the front part of the nappy.
  9. Fasten the tabs, and you are safe!

Side mission: The Art of Distraction

The biggest tip-off for this assignment would be a distraction! Keeping him distracted while pulling off this operation will guarantee success. Here are our favourite distraction techniques:

1. Sing

You don’t have to be Celine Dion, but you have the most beautiful voice to him, so keep singing.

2. Silly faces

He already loves your face, so capitalize on that! Keep him fascinated, stick your tongue out, raise your eyebrows, give him lots of oohs and aahs.

3. Sounds

You’ll be amazed at his reaction to animal sounds, so bring on the “Moos”, “Woofs’ and “Baas.”

Congratulations, You Completed Your Mission

So there you have it! Mission Pee-Free Possible complete! You received your brief, follows the steps and completed the mission successfully! Hopefully, you won’t need a visor when changing him anymore.

What’s your Strategy for staying pee-free?

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us how your mission went or if you have any tips and tricks to share with us, pop us a note in the comments below.

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