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Many people don’t start buying wet wipes until they are parents. That’s right; wet wipes aren’t just for baby’s bottoms! But you don’t have to wait until you change nappies to add this secret weapon to your arsenal of household items.

Why Wet Wipes Are So Versatile

Wet wipes are so affordable you can use them as part of your everyday clean up process. They can be used wet or dry to soak up spills, disinfect and sanitise surfaces, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. The ingredients in the wet wipes contain no harmful chemicals and offer convenient cleansing, keeping your skin refreshed and moisturised at all times.

50 Ways Wet Wipes Can MaKe Your Life Easier

There are 101 uses for wet wipes, but here are 50, most of which have absolutely nothing to do with a baby.

Using Wet Wipes For Personal Care

  1. Sticky hands & face: Ideal for when you are on the go, especially after a messy meal.
  2. Toilet paper substitute: Cleans and feels much better than regular toilet paper.
  3. Adult nappy changing: Using wet wipes for adults who wear nappies are a convenient way to cleanse, protect and moisturise  the nappy areas.
  4. Snotty noses: Softer and less irritating when wiping and able to get off stubborn dried snot.
  5. Blotting deodorant marks: An easy way to remove white deodorant stains on the fabric.

Using Wet Wipes For First Aid

  1. Nose bleeds: Good for stopping the bleeding, as well as it being cool and damp.
  2. Minor scrapes: Can be used as initial cleansing as it’s perfectly gentle for wiping off.

Using Wet Wipes For Beauty

  1. Remove makeup: An effective makeup remover takes off foundation and mascara easily.
  2. Hair dye: Works great for getting excess dye off of your forehead and skin.
  3. Manicure & pedicure: Clean up excess nail polish or wipe away any mistakes.
  4. Curl hair: Curl hair around the wipe, tie in a knot, let it dry overnight, and the curls are set.
  5. Taming static hair: Swipe a wet wipe to keep your hair smooth and static-free quickly.

Using Wet Wipes For Household Hygiene

  1. Plastic toys: Give the toys a quick wipe down, especially helpful if you have young kids who like to put toys in their mouths.
  2. Clean cobwebs: Attach a wet wipe to the end of a mop or broom and use it to clear away cobwebs quickly.
  3. Remove stains: Rub a wet wipe on a stain to help remove or blot at least keep it from setting.
  4. Clean walls: Wet wipes can get rid of most crayon and paint stains without ruining the paint.
  5. Remote controls: Give it a quick wipe down occasionally, as it can get quite grubby.
  6. Shoes and boots: Use a wet wipe to wipe off dirt and dust.
  7. Drawers and cupboards: Make lightly scented sachets for your drawers, cut wet wipes into squares and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.
  8. Candle jars: Get the black soot off the inside of your glass candle jars with a quick wipe.
  9. Blinds & window sills: Keep these areas clean and dust-free by occasionally wiping them down.
  10. House plants: Wipe down the leaves when they get dusty; the wipes are gentle and won’t harm your plants.
  11. Polish leather: A gentle wipe can help improve the look of leather couches, shoes, and jackets.

Using Wet Wipes Around The Kitchen

  1. Dishwasher: Around the edges of the door and around the hinges, wipe and toss.
  2. Stovetops: Clean up streaky and greasy stovetops easily with a quick wipe down.
  3. Dirt bin: Food pieces and stains can leak or splatter on the inside of the bin; an occasional wipe down prevents bad odours.
  4. Fridge: Quickly wipe up leaks and spills.

Using Wet Wipes For The Car

  1. Interior of your car: Wipe down the steering wheel, cup holders, dashboard, doors, and windows, the wet wipes remove dust remarkably.
  2. Windows: Clean off any bird droppings quickly and easily.
  3. Just in case: Have them handy for messes if you spill coffee or food in the car.

Using Wet Wipes For Pets

  1. Pet hygiene: Wet wipes are ideal for cleaning your dog’s nose, ears, and eyes.
  2. Paws: Wipe any dirt or mud off their paws.
  3. Pet fur: Rub down your cat or dog with a wet wipe to stop shedding fur in its tracks. The moisture in the wipes will attract loose fur and will also leave your pet smelling fresh.

Using Wet Wipes For Camping, Beach, On The Go

  1. The grill: Wet wipes lift off any cooked food or grease.
  2. Fishing: Great for cleaning off your fishing hook after you’ve caught something.
  3. Shower: Use wet wipes to quickly freshen up if there is no shower available.
  4. Dishes: To “wash” dishes while camping, scrub with a wet wipe, then rinse with water.
  5. The beach: Clean off sand before getting into the car.
  6. Sunscreen: If you applied too much sunscreen, you could wipe it off easily with a wet wipe.
  7. Soothe your skin: Too much sun at the beach? Wet wipes are perfect for cooling down.

Using Wet Wipes At School Or The Office

  1. Chalkboard: Remove writing and all the white haze from a chalkboard without damaging the surface at all.
  2. Whiteboard: Wet wipes will remove the ink easily.
  3. Arts and crafts: Spilled glue? Paint splatters? Wet wipes make the cleanup such a breeze.
  4. Desks and chairs: Great for cleaning up any messes or getting rid of dust.
  5. Computer keyboard: Use a wet wipe to remove the dirt, dried spills, and gunk that build up on the keys.
  6. Keypads: Keep some handy when entering places with keypad access.
  7. Envelope adhesive: Spare your tongue and use a wet wipe to moisten the adhesive strip instead.

Using Wet Wipes At Gym

  1. Gym equipment: Wipe down before and after using.
  2. Yoga mat: Wipe down your mat, especially if it’s a shared one from the gym.
  3. Clean up: Clean the sweat off your face and body with a refreshing wet wipe after a tough workout if you can’t shower right away.

Long Live The Wet Wipe

As you can see, wet wipes have become a daily necessity for many people. There are just so many uses, and we know that we probably didn’t cover them all. But you can be rest assured, whether you’re at home or on the go, you know those wet wipes will get the job done every time!

What’s Your Magic Wet Wipe Fix?

Have a hot tip to share? We would love to hear from you. Tell us what your magic wet wipe fix or why you always keep them handy. And if you have any extra items to add to the list, share them with us as well. Simply comment below and have your say!

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